3 Types of Garage Floor Paint

3 Types of Garage Floor Paint

You have thoroughly cleaned your garage floor but it still looks messy and dirty. Garage floor paint will make your floor instantly look fresher and cleaner! 

Concrete is durable yet porous thus it absorbs all the torture thrown into it. The daily torture concrete floors get manifests in its overall appearance. Fortunately, the ugly appearance can be restored by garage floor paint.

Types of Garage Floor Paint

How you use your garage dictates the right type of garage floor paint to choose. 

  •  Concrete Stain

If you simply want to protect your garage concrete floor from chipping or cracking, a concrete stain may be your best choice. A concrete stain comes with a simple application. All you need to do is acid wash the garage concrete floor, apply the stain, and you’re done. Concrete stains are available in limited colors. 

3 Types of Garage Floor Paint
  •  Latex Paint

This paint is similar to what you would apply on walls. When you purchase one, make sure though that it is also applicable for concrete floors. It comes in various colors. It is ideal in mild climates and if your garage is mainly used only for parking cars. 

  • Masonry Paint

This is one of the older garage floor paints available. It is durable but needs to be refreshed every so often. The concrete floor also needs to be acid washed making it a not so convenient option. 

  • Epoxy Paint

When you speak of garage floor paint, epoxy paint is the gold standard. Epoxy is the most durable of all garage floor paints. It may be a bit more difficult to apply but it is hard-wearing and resistant to chipping cracking. 

As mentioned earlier, the best garage floor paint depends upon how you use your garage. Is it just to park your cars and store some stuff or do you use it as a workshop for your do-it-yourself projects?