Home Improvements: How to Fix Smell from Old Houses

Home Improvements: How to Fix Smell from Old Houses

Is there a way to remove the creepy stench from an old house that you’ve probably inherited or recently bought? The old house smell isn’t just frightening, it’s repellent as well to homeowners.  Luckily there are many easy ways to remove that old house smell.

Tracing the Cause of the Smell

The perfect place for mold to flourish is areas of houses with little ventilation, moist, and dark corners.  Although this may not cause any serious health issue, it can be very annoying. If you’re trying to sell a house and this smell came up, be prepared to not seal the deal.

Removing the Smell

It’s best to air the place out by opening windows and allow proper ventilation. Another great tip is to make sure that the air-conditioning unit or dehumidifier is being turned on regularly. Dehumidifiers come in different forms and at various price ranges so make sure each room or space has one.

Home Improvements: How to Fix Smell from Old Houses

Fix leaky faucet or the compartment under your wash area will be soaked all the time. Allow natural light to flow into the house. Did you know that the ultraviolet component of the sunlight makes a great disinfectant? It is even used to disinfect water in some pool systems.

Old furniture like couches can harbor moisture. Even rugs trap moisture which can be a suitable environment for mold to grow.  Make sure they are cleaned, dusted, or dry cleaned properly often. Click here to get more about fixing a leaky faucet (with Pictures).

Cleaning the air ducts and furnaces. Air-conditioners can trap molds and mildews that is why it is advisable to clean the filtering system regularly. Hire a professional to make sure the job is done thoroughly.

Replace old sponges and cleaning supplies regularly. There is a saying that when in doubt, discard. Every item we buy whether it’s for cleaning has an expiration date. Don’t wait until your sponge gets infested with microbes, throw it right away.

Walls can harbor molds too so try to replace old worn out paints. If washing your walls won’t remove the discoloration caused by molds, chances are it’ll continue to smell. It’s probably high time you call an expert for help. Even wallpapers can grow molds so replace them as often as possible.