How To Clean Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

Cleaning stained concrete floors aren’t completely free, and you’ll need to clean the surface regularly to keep it looking its best. For exterior stained concrete, you may also need to reseal the surface every year or so to protect the stain from wear and to keep the color vibrant.

In the past , concrete floors are considered ugly , dirty , and not classy . Now , concrete floors ranging widely applied in homes that carries the modern concept of the tropics. Display honest , simple , and natural make this material was chosen as the floor of a residential settlement . Concrete floor can be obtained by precast ( ready mix concrete floor that has been previously printed ) , casting in place , or in the form of concrete tile .

Although zoom memorable monotone , concrete nature it is very flexible and can be processed in various ways . Concrete can be given the color and texture and can be flexible to follow the shape of the room , and even can be made to resemble other flooring material.

For coloring concrete , use a special dye pigments can be added before or after the concrete is poured in the selected area. Another way that can be taken is to expose certain aggregate stone, such as marble , granite , or gravel . Texture of the concrete can be made rough or smooth and shiny . Want patterned concrete floors? Take advantage of special pattern maker who shaped stamp or roller . Large leaves with large bones and obviously also be used . Easy to do, which is stuck to the concrete which has not yet dried .

Here tips to clean stained concrete floors

To clean interior concrete floors. Dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner will keep your floors looking great. For floors that need deeper cleaning to remove stains, try using a stronger soap or a solution of soap plus ammonia. If your stained floor begins to loose its luster or shine, rewaxing will usually revive the appearance. In high-traffic areas, you may also need to reapply the sealer. Talk with your concrete contractor or stain manufacturer for recommendations about the best type of cleaning and sealing products to use on your floor.

To clean exterior stained concrete. Keep the surface clean by sweeping it with a broom or leaf blower or rinsing with a garden hose. To remove stubborn dirt, scrub with a mop or medium-bristle brush and a mild cleaner. To keep exterior surfaces protected, apply a new coat of sealer every year or two, or as necessary.

Staining Concrete Floors